Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Quiet Places

I have a love of quiet places.  The solitude and stillness is refreshing from the constant noise of our world.  In my lifetime the world has become much more contaminated with noise.  It surrounds us and it is barely escapable anymore.  Quiet places give us time to reflect and think.  Noise can be used as a form of diversion keeping us insulated from things we would rather not deal with.  It is common today to be at restaurant surrounded by loud music while trying to converse and enjoy a meal.  I notice the young people have adapted to this environment and shout above the noise as they eat.  I feel saddened that their world is one of constant noise and the distraction it can cause, denying us enjoyment of the quiet beauty in nature.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Old School House

Last week I was in the state of Washington making some new images and came across this old school house.  It was located in the central part of the state that is mostly rural farm land with only a few small towns in the area.  I always enjoy traveling the back roads and exploring new locations.  I was fortunate to see the broken top of the bell tower from the road I was traveling on.  I immediately turned around and found a dirt road to take me to there.  This particular day had on and off rain showers providing a dramatic sky.  When I am out on these photography trips I have many days where the subject may be great but the lighting is wrong.  This day provided the opportunity to combine a good subject with a wonderful stormy sky. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The test of time

We recently made a camping trip to the states of Washington and Oregon.  The scenery is spectacular in this region of the country.  We were able to travel to the coast and the inland area of each state.  Along the ocean I am always captivated with the sea stacks that line the coast.  These rocks exist in an environment where they are constantly being battered by the elements of wind and water.  They weather the storms and stand the test of time.  We as humans also struggle in our environments, battling the elements that beat upon our soul and spirit.  There are times in life where we are faced with tremendous challenges that need to be overcome so we to can stand the test of time.