Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer hiking

I have been doing a considerable amount of hiking and photography this summer.  It is always fun to get the chance to explore new locations and travel some back roads.  The challenge with summer hiking is dealing with the intense heat and the bugs.  It seems no matter how well I apply bug repellent I usually come away with several severe spider bites.  I made this image while in N.C. during above average heat spell.  It was refreshing to find a small waterfall to rest and cool off.  My choice of camera gear always comes into question when deciding the terrain and distance of my hike.  No matter how I sort out my equipment there is always an item I didn't need to carry along or one I left behind.  Digital camera gear has simplified the process by not having to carry large film holders into the field, but has it own problems with the need of electric to keep batteries charged up.  In this image I used a Sony A7R11 with a 16~35 mm lens.  So far this has been a good camera for hiking as long as I carry enough batteries to keep the camera operational. 

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