Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The never ending learning curve

It seems today that technology keeps changing at a faster rate.  The camera equipment, processing software, and computers seem to be in a non stop upgrade cycle.  While I enjoy new technology, it does start to become like a dog chasing its tail.  I think I spend as much time learning the changes that come with all of these upgrades, as I do processing images.  The most important thing I keep my focus on is that the look of the finished print remains consistent.  I recently have been migrating away from my trusted Canon system and moving into the Sony mirrorless camera system.  There are several reasons for my doing this.  First is my desire to photograph from a kayak and to be able to get sharp images. The Sony has an in camera five axis stabilization system that is amazing.  Next, as I get older I need to reduce the amount of weight I am carrying around with me.  The Sony is a much smaller system than the standard DSLR and lets me carry a much lighter tripod.  While it is not the prefect system it does have some innovative technology that is changing the way we photograph.  I made this image a couple of days ago on one of my favorite lakes near me.  I used the Sony A7R11 with the 16~35mm lens.  It is a great combo for being out on the water.  I recently purchased a Zeiss Batis 18mm f2.8 fixed lens made for the Sony full frame system.  I have always used prime lenses as a large format photographer and know they will always out perform a zoom lens for quality.  Dealing with changes are all a part of life.  The important thing is to maintain your vision as you adapt to the rapid technology changes of our medium.  

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