Monday, February 13, 2017

Form and Shapes

I have been going through some of my many images that I made in Death Valley a few years ago.  It is always fun to find what I like to call "sleeper images" that I overlooked in my initial review of a new batch of images.  Death Valley offers an endless opportunity to explore geometric shapes of the contrasting sunlit dunes and the deep shadows that the low angle sun provides at sunrise or sunset.  Photography is a two dimensional art of line and form.   The line provides the contour of the form, while the contrast values define the boundaries of the form.  The use of negative space in an image is an important part of a two dimensional composition.  Form and shapes can be thought of as positive and negative space.  In this image the dunes are considered the positive space while the dark contrasting shadow and sky is the negative space.  Not all subject matter provide a strong negative space such as this image, but the use of negative space should always be part of the photographers thought process when composing an image.