Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Choosing the right light

I made this image last week while on a short camping trip near where I live.  When I am out solely for the purpose of photography I will often times scout out potential locations to photograph in.  I camped in a location that was surrounded by swamps and high water from recent heavy rains.  After many months of drought in Florida, the rains were a welcome relief.  The swamps take on a fresh look and provide a wonderful opportunity to photograph.  I made this image after sunset in a steady drizzle of rain. These are the times I like to photograph the most.  The light is soft without the harsh shadows caused by the sun and the rain gives a silvery appearance to the vegetation.  It usually takes a lot of preparations and energy to access these locations.  I have to plan on what I am going to wear to protect against mosquitoes and the limited equipment I will take on my hike into the swamp.  I made this image with my Sony A7R11 with a Zeiss 18mm lens.  The exposure was 4 sec. @ f11

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