Saturday, December 2, 2017

Pemaquid Point, Me.

We recently spent some time in the state of Maine.  We chose late fall for our trip knowing that the tourist season would be over and we could have all the wonderful lobster dinners to ourselves. The irregular coastline of Maine with it's many back bays sometimes looks more a land of lakes than a ocean shoreline.  One place that I like to photograph is at Pemaquid Point.  This is the location of the Pemaquid lighthouse that sits on the rugged rock shoreline.  I am fascinated with the shapes and contours of the rocky coast in this area.  I made this image long after sunset with very little available light left for photography.  I often prefer this soft light to bring out the details that would normally be lost in the bright sunshine.  The reflective light from the open sky makes the white boulder glow against the darker surrounding rock.