Saturday, September 6, 2014


I lived most of my years in a small rural town in western N.Y. near the Pennsylvania boarder.  It is a region of the foothills to the Appalachian Mts.  The area offered a diverse culture of quaint small towns and backroads full of old country folk.  I made this photograph back in the 80's with my view camera using Tri-x film.  It was after sunset on a summers evening when I made this image of Amos at his home.  He is the last of a hillbilly family that lived in the area.  His one room shack never has had electric or running water.  He grew up there with his brother, and parents.  The family walked everywhere they wanted to go and it was a good eight miles or more down to our little town.  I remember pulling up to his house as he was sitting there, and thinking I hope I can make his photograph.  I had seen him many times over the years but it is doubtful he ever knew me.  He was friendly and was glad I stopped by to chat with him.  Driving away I could only imagine how lonely it must be for him being the only one left of his family, and not to have modern day conveniences that we are all accustomed to.  This image has some softness to it but is barely noticeable in a 11x14 print.  The scan of the negative has magnified this condition and doe not look as good as the original print 


  1. John,

    I always keep and eye on your blog and enjoy seeing the images you have made. I certainly remember this one and sometimes a few others you share. Take care and all the best to you......


  2. Jason, Thanks for following my blog. I am glad you enjoy some of my photographs. John