Monday, September 15, 2014


I made this image in the 80's near my home town.  It was in the small rural town of Rathbone, N.Y.  It is an old farming and lumber community that time has passed by.  The house these kids are standing in front of used to be the old Magnolia Hotel that sits by the R.R. tracks.  Back in the day it was a grand place and a stop for vaudeville actors traveling the country doing their shows.  It was the home town for the family of James Whitmore the actor.  They were some of the original early settlers and many family members remain in the area today.  Today the old hotel building is gone and the kids grown up but most likely still living in the area.  People in this rural region of N.Y. rarely travel far from where they were born. The area is rustic and full of people with interesting characters and an old way of life.

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